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Live Eyes India LogoAbout Us & Live Eyes India brings you live views from a small town in India. This is the first project of its kind in India, and over the coming months we will bring you live shots from all over India.

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Is this the famous Malgudi?

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Malgudi is a small town somewhere in South India, a few hours journey from Madras (now Chennai). It is located on the shore of the (also fictional) river Sarayu. Mempi Forest is nearby.

Narayan has often asserted that Malgudi is a fictional town. However, this has never deterred fans from speculating about its actual location. It is certain that it is located in South India, for Narayan himself says in an interview:

"I must be absolutely certain about the psychology of the character I am writing about, and I must be equally sure of the background. I know the Tamil and Kannada speaking people most. I know their background. I know how their minds work and almost as if it is happening to me, I know exactly what will happen to them in certain circumstances. And I know how they will react."

The exact location, however, is a matter of speculation. Many are of the opinion that it may be Coimbatore, with a river on one side, forest on the other, and many similar buildings and lanes as Malgudi. It is also speculated that it may be Lalgudi on the river Kaveri, or Yadavgiri in the erstwhile state of Mysore.

Malgudi Days illustrations R.K. Laxman

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